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Tree Removal

Tree removals are performed to eliminate dead and dying trees as well as those that have become hazardous. Removals can also be useful in eliminating competition for light and space so that the remaining plants are better able to grow and thrive. In some cases, trees may also be removed to allow for new construction, home additions and to provide clearances with those structures. At JORU Tree Service, our arborists are highly trained to work safely and efficiently in all tree removals. We provide thorough clean up of debris and strive to minimize the impact to surrounding vegetation. If a tree must be removed, a resident home owner or commercial customer should rely on professional tree services that have the proper experience and are insured to handle tree removals. Tree removal is a talent and specialized skill that tree climbers take years to achieve.


Tree Pruning

Every tree is different and the goals for each customer and their trees vary. Our arborists have expert opinions and only recommend the best pruning methods for our customers trees. On mature trees, pruning is required to remove dead and dying branches to maintain plant health and safety. This pruning type is referred to as cleaning. Research has now documented that thinning, the removal of live branches to reduce density, significantly reduces wind resistance and subsequent storm damage. Thinning should only be done on trees where the crown is "too dense" and our arborist has training and experience to evaluate this attribute. Thinning should be concentrated on the outer portions of the canopy, leaving as many branches on the interior crown as possible.


Stump Removal

As part of the tree removal process, the stump will typically be left as close to the ground as possible. If needed, removal of the stump can be provided. Stump removal can be challenging and often special machinery is required, but it may be necessary if the stump is a hazard in the landscape or simply an eyesore. Stump grinding by a professional is the easiest and safest way to handle this work.


Emergency Tree Services

24 hour tree servcice In the event of an emergency situation related to your trees, JORU’s knowledgeable arborists are available to help you when you need it most. We provide 24-hour emergency services for hazardous and storm-damaged trees that have failed and resulted in damage to your home property. Even if your trees do not exhibit obvious damage after a weather event or no immediate emergency exists, it is important to have your property inspected by our Arborist representative who may detect symptoms and conditions that could lead to problems later. Cranes come in very handy for removing trees off houses. JORU has one full time crane operator that work with our tree crews every day. It is very important that crew members work together regularly for moments like taking huge trees off houses. Crane operator and tree climbers must have excellent communication skills with each other to coordinate each piece and cut to be lifted off the house. Our crane operator at JORU Tree Service have many years of experience performing emergency tree services.

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